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Reporting Services and Timeouts

I’ve recently been battling long running reports and how to make certain they do not timeout on the SharePoint servers.

There are several levels in SharePoint 2010 that a report can time out.  I will discuss the top three that I have encountered and what I had to do to fix them.

The first one, and the easiest to fix, is within the SSRS report that is housed on your SharePoint site.  This fixed about 75% of my problem with time-out issues.

  1. Go ...
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How to build a better Choice Filter Web Part using InfoPath 2010

The out of the box choice filter web part, for me, left a bit to be desired.  I wasn’t crazy about the interface and it just didn’t seem all that clean on a branded site.  I found a way to create the same effect using an InfoPath form.

Here’s what you need to do.

Create a new InfoPath 2010 form.

Add in a Combo Box and label it accordingly.  In my scenario, I wanted to filter through a list of implementation roll out ...

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Web Part Mayhem…

Occasionally, good web parts go bad…

One morning you wake up to find your email flooded with system and end user  messages that your site is down due to an obscure error.  You can’t even get to the point of viewing the page to edit and work with the page.

If you find yourself in this situation and you do not want to go to the extent of restoring a page,you can start troubleshooting your web parts by turning them off one ...

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