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How to build a better Choice Filter Web Part using InfoPath 2010

The out of the box choice filter web part, for me, left a bit to be desired.  I wasn’t crazy about the interface and it just didn’t seem all that clean on a branded site.  I found a way to create the same effect using an InfoPath form.

Here’s what you need to do.

Create a new InfoPath 2010 form.

Add in a Combo Box and label it accordingly.  In my scenario, I wanted to filter through a list of implementation roll out groups.


Add in your parameters


Make certain that the Values you are adding into the Value field are exactly the same as what you are going to filter through on the list view web part. (You could also have the values stored in a separate list if you like. It all depends on how you want to manage the data in the future.)

Here is the critical step that is most often missed.

Create a rule on your newly created combo box.

  1. Right Click the DDL and choose Rules > Manage Rules
  2. Click New > Action
  3. Click Add > Send Data To Web Part

A box should pop up and give you a reminder that the field needs to be promoted as a pass through parameter.

Publish your form to a Forms Library in your site.

Add a new InfoPath Forms web part.

Edit the Web Part.

Select the Forms library where your form is stored.   By default your form will be called View 1.  This is very helpful if you want to create multiple forms for different pass through uses.

Click the drop down to connect your web part to the list view web part you want to filter.

Others have been hung up on this issue next . If you are making changes and updating the form, after you publish the form, you will need to edit your InfoPath form web part and choose your form again to refresh it. It will not know that the form has been changed automatically.


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I have been in Information Technology Professional for 15 years and have settled into the realm of Microsoft SharePoint. I have been a SharePoint Administrator for an International Corporation based out of Michigan since 2011. My reasons for starting this site, much like anyone else who focuses on SharePoint, is to share what I have learned along my career path as an Administrator for a medium sized company. Most of what I have been jotting down for the past year are issues that I had come across while working with an inherited SharePoint 2010 environment. There are pitfalls that I will discuss along with some of the things that we had to develop on our own that SharePoint didn't quite do on its own. I hope you will find the content both helpful and entertaining. Cheers!

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