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What to do when… SSRS Reports in SharePoint 2010 do not display the Export options

What to do when…  SSRS Reports in SharePoint 2010 do not display the Export options

It can be rather frustrating for an end user when they are unable to export their favorite reports to excel or another medium.  Here’s the solution to this problem.

Internet Explorer Settings

This issue comes from IE not recognizing the site as a trusted location.
In Internet Explorer, you need to go into: Tools > Internet Options

  1. Hit the Security Tab
  2. Choose Local Intranet
  3. Hit the Sites Button
  4. Hit the Advanced Button

You can add multiple items here, or if there are several sites in the same domain you can use a wild card. (ie. http://* the Security Tab

Close out of all the screens and close out IE.  Restart IE and you should be able to export the reports…

Local Intranet SettingsI have witnessed this issue numerous times and it appears to happen on a machine that has already had these settings adjusted after Internet Explorer gets automatic updates pushed out to them.

Please let me know if you have any problems with this solution, or if you have found other causes for this information to get wiped out.



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