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SharePoint Server 2013 Preview!

SharePoint Server 2013 Preview!

Well,  it’s been released into the wild!  I’ll start blogging about what new features I’ve found that make 2013 the latest and GREATEST!

Here are some helpful links to get you started:

Download SharePoint Server 2013 Preview

Download SharePoint Foundation 2013 Preview


About the Author:

I have been in Information Technology Professional for 15 years and have settled into the realm of Microsoft SharePoint. I have been a SharePoint Administrator for an International Corporation based out of Michigan since 2011. My reasons for starting this site, much like anyone else who focuses on SharePoint, is to share what I have learned along my career path as an Administrator for a medium sized company. Most of what I have been jotting down for the past year are issues that I had come across while working with an inherited SharePoint 2010 environment. There are pitfalls that I will discuss along with some of the things that we had to develop on our own that SharePoint didn't quite do on its own. I hope you will find the content both helpful and entertaining. Cheers!

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